Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cover sketch

This is a cover sketch I did for an independent comic book company. I always prefer my prelim work to the finished product. Mostly because it has the most life and energy but also because after I've done the work of designing the piece, it becomes tedious and boring. Which is one of the many reasons I was mostly just a penciller and not a complete artist.


Urban Barbarian said...

Blasphemy!!! Not a complete artist! Clearly you are MASTER of the acclaimed JOHNSONVERSE after all! Doesn't that count for anything around here?!??!

Besides, you can do it all! Pencil, ink, color and make sweet love!

I'm not sure I can stand for posts such as these!

BTW, I really love this prelim! Especially the way you've filled in the dark areas. Very, shall I say: Mooooeebbbiiiuuussssssssssssssss of you!

marco's blog said...

love it, there is so much energy in your drawings!

DH2! said...

Jeff,if you ever need an inker,let me know! I love your stuff.- DH2!/Don Hillsman

Nico said...

I've just bought and read the second volume of drink and draw and just love your work...I put a link of your blog on mine....Hope it's ok for you...

jayndough said...


This is Laura, the writer of that particular comic. Funny, I have the copies you sent back to David and I as well as my outlines and notes.

Way back when I had managed to get my hands on them and have had them squirreled away for safe keeping. Thinking that maybe I'd write it up as a book instead. Pulled it out today and was showing my boyfriend, and thought I would try googling you and see if by odd chance I could find you, and here you are!

Not only are you here but I know it's you because I see Lucky!

This piece of creativity has a special spot in my heart and memory that just doesn't fade even after a little over 25 years.

Perhaps it's finally time I sit and work on making this a book. As a book I think it should have your original pencils for art. I also think there was a good reason that today of all days I thought to search you out.

I hope to keep in touch, so that when I get it written perhaps we can work something out see Lucky Darnell come to fruition.