Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Barda

Another one of the many Challenge characters from the studio. I'll just mention that mine was not even remotely the best one and that Andy should post his soon. Damn him.


Kyle Bice said...

Another great one. I wish I could ink like you Jeff.

Janderson said...

OW! Cool drawings!!!
Thanks a lot for sharing this.
Keep updating :)

marco's blog said...

nice, i love all of these!

flaviano said...

hi man! i'm a huge fan of your work from the first time i read a jla special number and a generation x story drawn by you. today i just seen on a store and purchased your book Draw Fight... and it's a great find, full of cool and dynamic poses. truly inspiring.
keep posting and thanks!

Bill Murphy said...


Great image man. I need to start one of these contests on here at Rhythm & Hues.

I know you're a fan on the Midnight Men stuff we're doing and I wanted to see if you might be interested in helping us with a couple of toy designs. Even if you're busy shoot me an email if you can at and I can fill you in either way.

thanks man,

Bill Murphy
Fresh Monkey

Matt said...

LOVE. This. - mh

Joel said...

This is great. Love Barda