Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is an old Quest page inked by yours truly.  I inked it myself because of time and financial constraints but it's easy to see that my inking was functional at best.  My huge ego would normally keep me from showing off my weaknesses but I think it's important that skilled inkers, like Dan Panosian, Scott Kolins, and anyone who can actually use a brush, get the credit they are due.

Dwindling budgets and near-sighted editors are killing this wonderful art form and we should all lament it's passing. Photoshop is an amazing tool but I miss hand lettering and real finished inking. 


Urban Barbarian said...

I actually think even your early inks rock! Your line has a fun whimsy and I would love to see some proper color on pages like this one. You're too darn good, Mister Johnson!

Kyle Bice said...

Great page. Nice job in the inks.

Inking scares the crap outta me.

Steve said...

Leave it to a Johnson to pretend to be self deprecating but what he's really doing is showing of his humbleness. Nice try buddy. But you don't fool me.

(oh, and nice art by the way)