Friday, January 25, 2008


Dan is both right and wrong, as often is the case with my old friend. It's true, I have a tons of artwork that I could put up but most of it is hideous. Here's a piece that I thought was semi-worthwhile. I've always loved Wolverine, not just because he's a pure bad-ass but because he hopes for so much more from the world and is consistently disappointed. It seems to me that a true hero is always struggling between dismay and distinction. I feel that Wolverine is popular because he is the zeitgeist for this particular modern dichotomy.


Janderson said...

Dan is right!
Show your work. I really like!!!
Thanks for sharing your skills.


Urban Barbarian said...

Because you used "zeitgeist" AND "dichotomy" in this post I stand humbled BUT not corrected! I have yet to see a terrible drawing spawned from Johnsonverse!

I love the whimsical nature of this one! And the perfect description of Marvel's beloved anti-hero! You're a talented fellow, Mister Johnson. Some might say too talented...

The Johnson said...

Your both too kind. I must of been drinking when I wrote that post.